Saturday, September 18, 2010

Internet Explorer 9.0 . Feature of Chrome + Mozila

Hi Folks
Few days back Microsoft has launched their new Internet Explorer Version 9.0 (BETA). As per Microsoft “Internet Explorer 9 has a streamlined design, fewer dialog boxes to click through, more intuitive navigation, and many new features that speed up your web browsing experience. Features like Pinned Sites let you pin your favourite website directly to the taskbar for one-click access. Other features, like hardware acceleration, deliver an all-around faster browsing experience. With Internet Explorer 9, websites perform and feel more like the programs you use every day on your PC.”
I also decided to install it on my machine.

After installation, need to restart the machine..

Installed and ready to use...

I feel really nice with this. I can see collective feature of Chrome and Mozilla. Below is the new feature listing of Internet Explorer 9.0 (BETA):
1. Streamlined design
2. Pinned Sites
3. Download Manager (Same as Chrome and Mozilla)
4. Enhanced tabs
5. New Tab page
6. Search in the address bar
7. Notification Bar

And the best part which i really like is "Add-on Performance Advisor" and "Hardware acceleration" mechanism. I recommend this software to install it and test it. You will also feel good.

So finally i can say that Internet Explorer 9.0 is rocking...


  1. Good Article, good to hear that you liked IE 9.

  2. Recent tabs have been mentioned to be same as Chrome, may be one thing I want to get your attention to, Recent Tabs displays the most popular websites which we browse frequently and further it does have an indicator which shows hoe frequent we use that. And the color of Indicator is decided by the favIcon.gif color of website.

    In short since it looks tabular doesn't meant it is same as Chrome

  3. LOL. I understand. I never said its same. few of the feature is same as Chrome and Mozila. Yes of course they have added extra in that feature also.