Thursday, April 14, 2011

Using VS 2010 for developmement? Use Code Map extension. Great one.

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During development of enterprise application, we always have challenge to visualise the type nesting, implemented interface, member and scope, collection of all the valuable comment etc.
Recently i found one extension file which integrate with Visual Studio Solution and solve all my above mentioned issue.

There has few good tools in the market which solve this issue partially i.e. resharper etc. But they are paid one and expensive also.

VS10x Code Map is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that displays a graphical nested representation of the current code editor window (C# and VB.NET). This extension is free and can be downloaded from here. It’s very light weight (unlike resharper. It sucks :( ) and does not make any impact on your code performance.

So it’s time to evaluate this tool.

Code Visualization
If you see below screen, you can find that the left side there has a Code Visualise Window which is Code Map tool. Once you install Code Map, this tool will appear in every .cs and .vb file of your VS editor. You can see that it display all the method and interface details. Also you can easily navigate to the interface which is used in the method. On the click of each method in left windows, you will be focused on that method implementation.

Global Solution History
This widow will allow you to display all the history of the page including method name which you browsed in current session. It displays in proper format and if you click on the details, it will focus on that method in the VS editor. Please see below:

Bookmark Listing
In large code files, a code elements-based code map might not be enough. If you find yourself looking over and over for certain positions in code, then named bookmarks are for you. Simply start a comment with the BMK token and then type in a meaningful name (this will end up with something like //BMK Some name here in C# or 'BMK Some name here in VB) and VS10x Code Map will pick that up and add the name at the top of the containing element, so that you can find it instantly.

There has lot more in this tool which makes your development process ease and fast. I recommend this software to everyone who is using VS 2010 for development.

Hope this article is useful for you. Comments, suggestions and criticisms are all welcome.


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